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Utility Network: A to Z

Welcome to the definitive guide to understanding, implementing, and transforming your business with the ESRI utility network extension. Our goal with Utility Network: A to Z is to give you all the details you need to understand how the UN will carry your organization to the future and exactly how to get there. This eBook is the culmination of our years-long investigation into the underpinnings of the technology that began with the very first alpha release and carried through to the real-world application of the UN solution at more than 30 organizations. This comprehensive guide will help you understand how the UN fits within your organization, how to achieve a successful migration, and where the technology can take you over the next two decades.

Inside This eBook You Will Learn About

  • Esri’s product roadmap and how it will affect your organization
  • The UN data model – understanding the structure network & network data model
  • Steps for preparing for and accomplishing a successful, incremental UN migration
  • Workflows and best practices for creating, editing, and analyzing UN data
  • Considerations for a successful UN implementation based on real-world successes and lessons learned
  • Utility case studies and experiences from successful UN projects

About Your Authors

Utility Network: A to Z includes content from SSP top UN talent and utility professionals, including Skye Perry, Adam Tonkin, Dave Coates, Joaquin Madrid, Bill Bott, Corey Blakeborough, Ryan Potts, Chris Sanders, Josh King, Kim Sundeen, David Miller, Stephen Hudak, and Gray Bohnen. Read the book in its entirety or zero in on specific topics based on where your organization is in its UN journey.


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