How do I get help with SPANS?

The pole owner asking you to use SPANS is your best resource.  The joint use department can answer questions and point you in the right direction.

Most companies already have employees using SPANS who can answer questions and even create new user accounts.

If you can log into SPANS, manuals are available from the help menu. The Request Support form is available from the Start Page and will send a message to the SPANS team at SSP Innovations.

Training videos are available from this link:

Finally, visit the SSP Support Portal for more information:

How do I get a user account?

User accounts are managed by an employee called the SPANS Company Administrator at each company using SPANS.  If you do not know the administrator for your company, ask another user to look up the administrator in SPANS (Company->User List) or ask the joint use department of the pole owing company. Finally, visit the SSP Support Portal for more information:

I am a contractor and was told I need to use SPANS, how do I get started?

Contractors typically work on behalf several different companies and as such have several different logins to SPANS.  The login for one company will not work for another.  These logins are provided by the company using SPANS for joint use communication and are not managed by SSP Innovations.  Please contact the joint use group at the attaching or pole owning company for more information or email

I think I have a SPANS account but cannot find the login information, what should I do?

User accounts and usernames are visible to all users of all companies that have agreements.  Typically, anyone who can log into SPANS can look up user accounts (but not passwords).  If another user is not available, please email